How to choose the right Champagne of your wedding?

Choosing Champagne for your wedding requires special attention because it is necessarily a wine like no other. We will remember all of your life.

There are two types of married couples:

Those who do not even remember what they drank to their wedding day. And sometimes they are even relieved to have forgotten …and those who every time they open a bottle of “their” Champagne can not help warn that “This is the Champagne our wedding “.

If you want to be part of this second category, here’s everything you need to know before choosing the champagne for your wedding.

Choosing a Champagne for your wedding: why the debate?

Of course we prefer to avoid the cool remarks like “Imagine, I was at a wedding and they didnt even serve champagne! “.
Fortunately for our wallets, if one uses the Champagne it is not only to respect the tradition. It is also because Champagne works particularly well with the mood of weddings. It brings a small and distinguished chic touch to your cocktail while have a real party side.  Let us say so clearly, it is still often that a good marriage! A mixture of dresses and beautiful decorations and guests having fun and a nice time.
Just the little music played by flutes clinking, the effervescence of bubbles that foam quickly in the glasses, caps jumping, creating a climate of warm and distinguished party.
And if you opt for the glasses of champagne pyramid for dessert is always a time that makes sense.
What is your budget Champagne?
The first question to ask is the budget. Because the champagne atmosphere sure is nice but you must be able to afford it. And if in the end it is to serve small glasses that look more like vodka shots, you better find another idea.
Champagne budget is an equation that may seem a little complicated at first. I know how to do that using Excel with automatic formulas and scenarios depending on the degree of alcohol your uncle Jim will consume in 6 hours.
Simply put: number of guests x Number of bottles per guest x price of a bottle
Yes we did not warn you, but there is a little to the maths in the wedding preparation which sometimes can be very scary!
To give you an idea on quantities, professionals recommend for a cocktail with Champagne at least half a bottle per person. Not to miss, or if you anticipate precisely the consumption of Uncle Jim and his friends, better predict 2/3 bottle per person.

How much to pay per bottle of Champagne?

Then comes the price of the bottle to the unit.
First know that suppliers rarely discount except perhaps if you announce that you have more than a thousand guests. At best, they will make a symbolic gesture (a few bottles more) or offer you free delivery, but if I were you, I would not count on it.

So the price range you set for yourself that will determine which suppliers to you should consider.
If you want the prestige brand of Champagne, it will then take between $70 and $100 a bottle. But know that between $30 and $40 you can find very good Champagnes or local sparkling white. This is what I recommend because in the end what matters most is to have a good Champagne, your guests will look at you and not the bottle label.
Here’s my guide to choosing the champagne for your wedding with my selection of the best Champagnes less than $80:

What type of Champagne?

For a wedding cocktail, we generally recommend a white Champagne. In addition it is better for any guest spots awkward on the bride’s dress. Mild flavours will be preferred so that it goes well with all your cocktail canapés. A dry Champagne will have the advantage to please most diners and matches very well with a varied buffet with smoked salmon, liver fat …an extra brut (very low dosage, so very little sugar) will also have its place if it is hot or with a buffet around the sea with Jacques saint, oysters. But remember that to this day what counts is your taste. If you have a crush on a pink or sweeter Champagne (half-dry), you have to trust you, it’s still your wedding!

Wedding Champagne: Which manufacturer?

Once you have an idea of your price range, I suggest you select a few producers and especially to go to a tasting before deciding. Firstly, because its your wedding why not choose what you want? But besides the big day everyone will want to drink with you, so long as you like champagne, it’s even more enjoyable. And because getting a little tour of the cellars in prior is always super nice. This is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone :  to make a small weekend away for the bride and groom to be, while advancing in the super long list of things to prepare for your wedding.

Finally it is an opportunity to talk with the winemaker or the sommelier and make wonderful discoveries. In general it is better to travel light because you may return with lots of additional cargo !

The ideal is to make a selection of 3 to 4 producers and to contact them before explaining that you are getting married, what you need (type of wine, price range, quantity) and what weekend you plan to be in the area for tasting.
In the end, choosing the wine of your wedding, is above all to have fun and share good times with friends. It is now up to you!



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